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PT Pusat Riyal is authorized money changer with the focus on SAR (Saudi Arabia Riyal) and already recognized for many years by the organizers of the Hajj and Umrah. In Indonesia, Pusat Riyal is the first and only Riyal Money Changer that provides SAR (Riyal) banknotes in small denominations with a competitive exchange rate.

Established since 2005, Pusat Riyal has become an integral part for Hajj pilgrims and Umrah who will go to the holy land. Traveling without adequate preparation will trouble himself and his entourage.

Thus, for this reason, Pusat Riyal comes with a variety of equipment for Hajj & Umrah which is useful in everyday use in the holy land.

Various compact equipment available to you in order to worship smoothly. Pilgrims can modestly worship without being bothered by any kind of large-size equipment.

Enjoy the services we provide. Hopefully, all the services we offer can help your needs in worship and daily use.

Riyal Money Changer

Change your currency into Riyal currency in various denominations to facilitate your transactions in Saudi Arabia. Make sure you have Riyal money in small denominations so that you are free from risk.

Hajj & Umrah Equipments

Fulfill your Umrah / Hajj trip with a variety of practical tools such as urine bags, wet towels, mouthpieces for women, etc. You come to the place that far from your motherland.

Always have a small nominal fractional money riyal

When performing Umrah travel or go to the holy land, always try to bring enough local currency is SAR (Saudi Arabia Riyal) in small fractions. This will make it easier for you to transact in small scales such as shopping for snacks or alms.

Always be careful in choosing a Riyal exchange place. Quick tips for exchanging good and correct Riyal money please click the button below.

What to prepare when you are at Arafat?

Wuquf in Arafat is worship and should be performed with intention of closeness to Allah, and its intention has no specific statement and having the intention of performing that in the heart is enough.

Always carry prayer mats, Al-Quran, tasbih, ritual books because in this place will be a lot of prayer and dhikr reading.
Do not forget to prepare a ‘Peepis’ urine bag to taste. Do not contaminate Arafat. Urine bag will turn urine (pee) into a gel / crystal, making it practical and clean.
Can also be used in public places with dirty toilet conditions or even not available.

15years of services
5branch offices
32professional crew
14various product


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Kartu Perdana++ aGPS

Jamaah haji hilang di arab saudi ? Sudah gak jamanya lagi. Ada GPS bagi jamaah haji. Akan segera diluncurkan produk kartu perdana yang bisa dilacak keberadaannya.
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